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Special Services
For deliveries that are just too important, valuable, urgent or fragile to entrust to a regular courier company.
  • Time Critical Deliveries
  • Same Day Deliveries
  • Next Day Deliveries
Special Courier is courier based delivery service that specialises in the speedy delivery of important, urgent, valuable or fragile items. If you have a valuable or fragile parcel that you are worried about entrusting to a regular courier or postal service then Special Courier Services can offer you the peace of mind that your delivery will arrive safely and quickly at the correct destination.

Not all couriers and delivery services are the same, that’s why Special Courier can guarantee to take proper care of your valuable delivery. When you entrust your delivery to Special Courier Services we will provide you with a level of personal service not available from other courier companies. You will be notified of the pickup and delivery time of your item and our delivery drivers will ensure that your delivery is packed and transported with the utmost care.

Whether you are a business that needs to get important documents delivered across town in a hurry, or a shop that needs to get a valuable antique delivered to a customer, you can rely on Special Courier Services to make the delivery on time and in one piece. If your delivery is bulky, awkward or just too valuable to try and move yourself or entrust to regular courier company then Special Courier Services are on hand to make the delivery process as fast, friendly and above all, as safe as possible.

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