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I) What is Franchising?
Today, franchising has emerged as a most profitable business format for both Corporates / Enterprises, with leading companies considering franchising their products & services, as well as small entrepreneurs.
A Franchisee is an individual or enterprise who can become a successful entrepreneur by cashing on the strengths of the franchisor and grow along with it.

II) Franchisee’s Responsibilities
1. The franchisee of Green Dart Logistics Pvt Ltd. will act as an autonomous unit in the allotted area/s operating under the name and style of “Authorized Agent – Green Dart “ and will be responsible for the relevant facets of a complete business operation i.e., as desired by and under the guidance of the Company. The franchisee will have both marketing and an operation setup. The cost of such setup will be franchisee’s responsibility.
2. The franchisee will be responsible for pickup of packets from the customers premises, pouching of the same, documenting and forwarding the pouches to the destinations/station (using our organized facility) at own cost. The franchisee will also deliver the incoming packets from various destinations.
3. All operational stationery i.e., Consignment Notes / Courier Manifest etc., have to be standardized items. Hence, franchisee will be supplied with necessary stationery at cost.
4. The franchisee will have to prepare documentation / maintain records in the formats prescribed by the company. Who will ensure the necessary training to the franchisee’s personnel.

III) Support from Franchisor (Green Dart)
1. Franchisee ‘s name & other details will be included in all India marketing & publicity campaigns.
2. Company will provide to franchisee the local business benefit of the national / International contracts.
3. Adequate training in courier operation will be given on an ongoing basis to franchisee & his/her staff.
4. Franchisee will be provided with Company’s web based software at minimal cost for tracking / tracking of clients consignments.

IV) Franchisee’s Earning / Expenses.
The Franchisee/s earning will around 10-25% of the gross sales after taking into account all costs at his ends. Viz. salaries, stationery, telephones, conveyance, transportation charges & sundries. The earning % can be more depending upon franchisee/s capabilities & actual efforts in marketing.

V) Security Deposit
1. Before signing up of the franchisee agreement, the franchisee will have to pay appropriate security deposit to the company ranging from Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- . The exact amount of this deposit will depend on the office location allocated area of operation & potential business volume.
2. This deposit is refundable to the franchisee up on termination of the franchisee agreement (subject to one month’s notice by the franchisee)
3. Since the deposit amount is being held to meet expenses on the franchisee account, there is obviously no interest payable on this amount.
4. If the franchisee terminates the agreement before completion of one year, an amount of equivalent to 10% of the deposit amount will be recovered as incidental expenses.

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